The HGDC Granny Square Guide

The HGDC Granny Square Guide

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ABOUT: granny squares are a whole vibe and this little guide will have you making your own in no time. Granny square's are the quintessential symbol of crochet. They bring joy, they are therapeutic with their mindless and mindful stitch rhythm and they remind us of comforting memories (hands up who had a nana that made all the granny square things?!). The project possibilities are endless, from blankets to sweaters and everything in between. They are a great way to stash bust. And no two granny square projects are the same thanks to the unique colour combo you will choose.

This guide is available as an automatic FREE download alongside any HGDC' granny square pattern or my entering your email address HERE

♡SUPPORT: thank you for choosing to purchase this guide. I can assure you that all proceeds will be reinvested (sensibly) into yarn and you will see it as a granny square pattern coming soon. Lols. Just funning you. Please know that I do truly appreciate your choice to support my small business. Thank you!


  • UK & USA terminology 
  • Links to supporting video tutorials 
  • PLUS - a discount code for your next granny square project

Happy making ♡

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