How does the HGDC affiliate program work?

  1. Register for a link here
  2. Your account is approved and you are assigned a unique link (subject to eligibility)
  3. Provide your link to your followers when you recommend a HGDC product
  4. The link takes your followers to the HGDC website, and when they make a purchase you receive a percentage of the sale in commission.


Why does HGDC have an affiliate program?

The HGDC affiliate program is a way for HGDC to say thank you for your purchases, reviews, feedback and for recommending the HGDC patterns and Workbooks to others. HGDC and the Hub is dedicated to teaching others how to create multiple income streams from their yarny passion to encourage financial freedom. We are all trying to create a business that supports the lifestyle we wish to live. By having an affiliate scheme HGDC can give back to you, who has been kind enough to take the time to promote HGDC and in return, provide another source of income to you.


What percentage do you offer as commission? HGDC affiliates receive 10%* from each sale. You can check how much commission is due to you through the dedicated dashboard. Commission will be paid to you on the first Monday of the month for the previous 30 days provided you have reached the pay out threshold of £25 via Paypal. *Subject to change.


What is the eligibility criteria?

  • You must either be a HGDC tester, featured/collaborated on a Podcast, or have purchased a pattern or Workbook form HGDC to be eligible to apply.
  • Your account must be public – this is so posts about HDGC can be monitored.


I only have a small following on social media so is there any point?

The number in your following is not important, the level of engagement is. Having 10k+ followers does not mean that you are more guaranteed to make sales! If you have an account which engages with and has yarny followers then the odds are they will also like HGDC products just the way you do too.


Is there a sales target?

There aren’t any sales targets. The program is in place to thank those who are already recommending HGDC without any reward, because you genuinely like and use the HGDC products.Please note, although there isn’t a sales target your account will be deleted if your link has not been used in 90 days and so you are encouraged to keep sharing your link.


What should I post? Your honest reviews, feedback and love for the HGDC products. Maybe that you will mention HGDC when you wear a garment you made from a HGDC pattern or when you post about a pattern you published using the HGDC Workbooks and choose to provide your link at that point. Once approved you will also obtain access to promo materials for HGDC in various social media sizes such as IG grid and story posts and YouTube thumbnail sizes which you can include these in your content. You will also receive a guide on the best ways to post and what to include to get you started. It is entirely up to you to choose which platform you want to talk about HGDC on, the format and the frequency.


It is also worth noting that once clicked the person has 30 days to make a purchase, if they do, then the commission from the sale will be assigned to you. This means that the more you post the more likely a follower is likely to return to complete the purchase, or you may get commission from multiple purchases from one follower


I don’t have the swipe up feature on Instagram?

Neither does HGDC! I recommend using the free Linktree package so that you can include multiple links in your bio. Check out the HGDC bio for an example.


Do I have to declare that it is an affiliate link? Yes. It is important to be transparent and state that the link is an affiliate link. You can explain that you purchased the pattern or Workbook yourself, with your own money or that you received the pattern as a tester ect. You can also state that you genuinely recommend the pattern/Workbook to others you have joined the affiliate scheme. You can also explain that when the link is used it is at no extra cost to the buyer. It only means that you receive a percentage of the sale price from HGDC!


I want to set up an affiliate program for my own patterns/brand, can you help me?

Yes of course! I use a platform called Affiliatly*, which has the best features and most reasonable price amongst its competitors. If you want any information on how I use this program, the sales its generates or anything else then send an email to . *This link is an affiliate link and receive 35% of a registered users paid plan amount from Affiliatly.


You can read the HGDC Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions here.