How do I apply to be a HGDC tester?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a HGDC tester. You can apply to be a tester by completing this form. You will then be added to the HGDC tester list and receive emails regarding the latest tests available.

What rewards does HGDC provide in exchange for testing?

As a way to say thank you, you will receive a copy of the final pattern that you tested, a free pattern of your choice and a free discount code for life. These will be provided to you once HGDC has received your feedback email.

Testers can also choose to apply to become a HGDC affiliate, find out more here.

How much experience do I need to become a tester?

All experience levels are encouraged to apply. It is important that each pattern is attested by all different experience levels to ensure that when it is published it will be the best that it can be, easy to follow and fun to make. You do not need to have tested a pattern before either.

How do I provide tester feedback?

Once you have completed your test please email your feedback and any photos that I can use on social media. If you spot any mistakes along the way you can put them in the Instagram group (IG) chat or wait until your final email. If you need any support or have a query please put it in the IG chat or send me an email to hello@hgdesignscrochet.co.uk with 'TESTER SUPPORT' in the subject bar. 

Please be kind, polite and respectful within the group chat. Rude behaviour, hate and discrimination will not be tolerated. Any unacceptable behaviour will result in your test being terminated without reward. You will not be accepted on future tests. If you have an issue with another member please raise this with HGDC. If you do not want to be a part of the IG group please let HGDC know. It is recommend that you mute the group and/or disable the notifications and check the group when you are able to do so instead so as not to interfere with real life.