WORKBOOK 1 of the HG Designs Crochet Handbook for the Pattern Designer

A self paced study guide in a downloadable PDF format for the new or aspiring Crochet Designer to transform your designs into patterns to create an additional income stream. 

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So what is Workbook 1?

  • Workbook 1 is 130 page self-paced study guide in downloadable PDF format. 
  • It covers the process of transforming your design into a pattern ready for the testing process. This includes evolving your design ideas, inspiration versus copyright, size grading your design into a pattern, the importance of size inclusivity, and converting your spreadsheet into written pattern instructions all the way to making a sample of your pattern.
  • It is filled with ready to use resources including: symbol and formula grab sheets, and a standard grading spreadsheet, 6 supporting video tutorials and mindset FAQs.
  • Workbook 1 has been Tech Edited and tested by 11 Beta Testers much in the way a regular crochet pattern would be prepared for release. 


  • You have crochet design ideas but have no idea where to start to transform them into saleable patterns? 
  • Maybe you have released accessory patterns for sale and want to expand into garment patterns? 
  • You tried to get started using free resources but quickly got confused by the differing advice?
  • You find the idea of pattern designing an overwhelming puzzle despite your excitement?
  • Heard there was maths involved, and you don’t like numbers?
  • You want to find a way to create an income stream from your crochet?
  • Need a simple and effective action plan to get you into motion?


“You’ve made me feel really confident with designing now so thank you! I always think I’m not good enough but something has just clicked and I definitely think it’s to do with the whole workbook and your advice and motivation for us all!”
- Catherine, Beta Tester 


  • Help you create your design ideas
  • Teach you how to use a spreadsheet to do the calculations for youTake you through step-by-step instructions to size grade your designsGive access to supporting tutorials and grab sheets for speed
  • Set crochet homework (the best type of homework!) which is making a sample of your patternAfter completion you will have your pattern, in sizes XS to 5XL, ready for testingSo that you can build an income stream to support your creativity and crochet
  • So that you can build an income stream to support your creativity and crochet


  • Imagine building an income stream through your crochet 
  • Imagine being paid by your hobby
  • Imagine having a resource that you can return to again and again for lifeImagine having the tried and tested processes of a full time crochet designer 
  • Imagine having the tried and tested processes of a full time crochet designerImagine having the security of an additional income stream 
  • Imagine seeing your patterns for sale amongst the big names 
  • Imagine millions of people seeing your pattern! 

 Ready to create your own patterns? 

“Your workbook is fantastic for explaining all the tricky stuff! For me that was the spreadsheet formulas and how to calculate yardage. Excel is something I have close to zero experience in, and the fact that I got there in the end proves that your workbook works!”- Trudy, Beta Tester

Let's breakdown the value:

of the best investment in your Crochet Biz dreams... 

  • Workbook 1 will be £85 in it’s first month of general release and will then remain at its full price of £90 thereafter subject to sales = £90!

  • You will also receive a copy of the pattern which was size graded throughout this workbook as an example. The pattern is called Example = £8!

  • Affiliate link scheme -  Eligible affiliates will earn from 10% per sale made through their personalised link meaning you can earn back the cost of your investment multiple times over = £Limitless earnings! 

  • Lifelong reoccurring sales from your own patterns, from 1 sale to the-sky-is-your-limit number of sales = £Limitless earnings!

Show me how to create my own patterns! 


Heyyy Designer,

I’m Heather of HG Designs Crochet. I went from corporate day job to full time designer after releasing my third pattern. There’s a reason why I love designing so much and absolutely love teaching creatives how to do it for themselves.

In designing garments for myself and showing them on YouTube I began putting together the puzzle of how to size grade a pattern so that my Tribe could make my designs too. After the requests for my patterns came the requests to teach others how to do it too, and from there the idea of the Handbook for the Pattern Designer was formed.

I want to change society. It’s why I studied law at uni for 5 years. By teaching you how to tap into an income stream from your crochet you have choices of freedom and security. 2020 taught many that job security is fragile and that the best way to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones is to have multiple income streams. By teaching you how to design and sell your patterns you can choose when and where you work. You are no longer dependant on a person or a company. And those who are dependant on you get to see you happy, fulfilled and living your dreams. The power that this will give to you, your children and your community is immeasurable. This will change society. For you, for me, for all of us.

A huge thank you from me to you for taking this step in pattern design.

Happy making! 

Show me how to create my own patterns! 


Who is Workbook 1 for? Who isn't it for?

  • FOR: Those with experience at making crochet garments from purchased patterns
  • FOR: People who acknowledge they are a beginner Crochet Designer 
  • FOR: Those who are willing to put in the effort to learn
  • FOR: Those looking to build an additional income stream which they can continue to nurture
  • NOT FOR: People who want their designs size graded by a third party rather than learn themselves – a spreadsheet still requires you to understand the mechanics and input the information
  • NOT FOR: People who are not willing to begin as a learner 
  • NOT FOR: People who are looking for a get rich quick scheme or guaranteed sales


Can knitters use this Workbook? Knitters can certainly use this Workbook and was tested on a knitted pattern. However it was written by a crocheter using a crochet garment as an example. Knitting and crochet have some key differences and so it would be best if you are able to crochet so as to have sufficient knowledge to follow along. You can then apply it to your knitted projects. 

How long can we access the content for? Lifelong. Once you have purchased the Workbook it is yours for life. Updates will also be made available to you for free.

Is there a printed version? Due to the size of the Workbook (130+ A4 pages) it is only available as a digital download. This is because the cost of printed Workbook plus postage would increase the price of the Workbook substantially. The updates to the Workbook will also be provided electronically which will keep the Workbook up to date in the most cost-efficient way. You can however, print the workbook yourself at home or locally. 

When do doors shut? Never! This workbook will be available on an ongoing basis, although promo prices don't stick around for long so you are encouraged to buy soon. 

Can you tell me about the videos? There are 6 supporting videos available which are all linked within the Workbook. These are: How to make a mood board, How to take your own measurements, How to make and measure a gauge swatch, How to set up your size grading spreadsheet and How to use spreadsheet formulas.

What is size grading? Size grading is the application of specific calculations to ensure a base pattern can be made into multiple sizes. The base pattern is systematically and proportionally increased or decreased in size across sizes XS to 5XL, using industry standard measurements, whilst maintaining consistent shape, fit and details.

When will I get access to Workbook 1? You will be sent a link straight after purchase so that you can download Workbook 1 and it's supporting materials. 

Can I pay in instalments? Paypal has an option to pay in 3 monthly instalments and for purchases over £99 you can also take a few months interest free. Having said that, please do not put yourself into a position of financial vulnerability to get this Workbook. It will be available on general release from April 2021 indefinitely.

Do you have a refund policy? As this is a digital informational product refunds will not be provided after the download link has been provided.

Still have a question? Pop it in an email and send it to and I will be very happy you help you.